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Professional Experience

  • Present 2016

    Lead Developer / Research Fellow

    The University of British Columbia, Materials Modelling and Simulation Group

  • 2015 2010

    Graduate Student Researcher

    The University of British Columbia, Department of Materials Engineering

  • 2010 2009

    Product Engineer

    National University of Singapore, Laboratory of Mechanics of Materials

  • 2009 2009

    Junior Developer (Co-op)

    Institute of High Performance of Computing, Division of Computing Science


  • Ph.D. 2016

    Ph.D. in Computational Materials Science

    The University of British Columbia, Canada

  • M.Sc.2010

    Master of Science in Advanced Materials for Micro- and Nano-Systems

    National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • M.Eng.2009

    Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

  • B.Eng.2008

    Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering with Minor in Computing

    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


  • 2017
    Agile Practices for Software Product Management
    A specialization consisting of six 4-week courses to master Agile software management practices for leading a team of developers and interacting with clients. The program concludes with a Capstone Project, which focuses on Agile practice implementation in realistic client-driven scenarios that a Software Product Manager faces daily.

    University of Alberta via Coursera

  • 2017
    Game Design and Development
    The specialization comprises of four modules that cover the theoretical and practical foundations of video game production using the Unity 3D game engine. It builds a solid foundation for industry roles as a gameplay designer, level designer, technical designer, and programmer. The capstone project partners with the online game portal Kongregate, which provides an avenue for distribution, as well as a pathway for monetization for aspiring game developers.

    Michigan State University via Coursera

  • 2017
    Object-oriented Programming in Java
    The specialization covers intermediate topics in software development, focusing on object-oriented programming principles in Java by developing web applications such as maps, word editor and network pathfinding application. The final Capstone Project comprises of analyzing real-world data collected from a social network website.

    University of California San Diego via Coursera

  • 2016
    Engineer-In-Training (EIT)
    EIT is a professional certification issued to an active engineer who seeks a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) designation. An EIT is a person that has completed the educational requirement of their P.Eng but has yet to accrue enough work experience. An EIT can perform engineering work under the supervision of a professional engineer.

    Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists, British Columbia (APEG-BC)

Honors and Awards

  • 2014
    John Nadeau Memorial Award
    Awarded to an exceptional graduate student who demonstrated outstanding accomplishment in his/her research and a track record of leadership in his/her community

    The University of British Columbia

  • 2013
    Best Student Chapter
    Chair of UBC student chapter in materials engineering community, receiving award and recognition for the most active participation and the most sponsorhip grants received in Canada.

    Canadian Metallurgical Society

  • 2009
    Singapore-MIT Fellowship
    Awarded to graduate students with an outstanding research proposal that strengthens the ties between industry and research in Singapore.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology